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Linux compatability = yes please

I bought a house in January, and in it was a room that was begging to become a library. I installed my office and book collection in this room, but I wanted something different. I was tired of the standard desk and chair arrangeable of the classic office. It’s not terribly comfortable and I always feel sucked into my monitor.
Here’s what I decided on. Upgrading my 17″ LCD mentor to a 40″ LCD TV and removing me form the desk with a wireless keyboard/mouse combo. I got a great vintage looking leather chair instead of a traditional office chair. The results? Everything I wanted.
Since I’m still new to Linux, I was concerned about compatibility. I shouldn’t have been. That was the old windows part of my brain talking. However, I did some research and asked around in the Linux community. I was once again pleased to find willing and helpful people(I’m sure you all know this, but I’m new so you’ll have to sit through it again). Little Girl of the Mostly Linux blog (WP) was a huge help.
I chose the Logitech Wave cordless keyboard and mouse set. It has a keyboard with multi-media controls and a five button mouse. Mac people, that’s five more buttons than your new mouse. What gives? Any ways, it’s literally plug and play. No problems, no install disc. I have a less than common distribution, so if you’re running Ubuntu I’m sure it’ll be fine.
The 40″ LCD TV is also working smoothly. You might have to play with your display settings though, this thing is bright. Obviously the computer isn’t going to recognize it as a brand name monitor, since it’s not. However, it doesn’t seem to care. The only issue is that my seven year old video card doesn’t output in 16:9, so I get black bars on the side. The TV will stretch it out, but then people’s Facebook heads look funny,
So now I’m writing this from the comfort of a plush leather chair, sitting ten feet from my monitor. I’m no longer sucked into my desk with my back to the door. I can see what’s going on in the rest of the house. My dog has more room on the floor. My Xbox is in here as well, so the wife doesn’t have to wait for the DVR. Everybody is happy.