I miss my country

Today, I look around this country I love and do not recognize it.  The nation I grew up believing in has gone.  It has become all the things it once stood against.  It has become a nation of hypocrites. 

It criticizes Islamic nations for restricting the rights of their people.  For their mistreatment of women. For their intolerance of other religions.  Yet here in this country, we deny marriage and family to our gay citizens.  We pass legislation to restrict women’s access birth control and mandate invasive procedures should they choose abortion.  We declare this country to be a christian nation and defend antisemitic or antimuslim hate speak with our freedom of speech, but conveniently over look our freedom of religion.

We criticize China for it’s human rights policies.  However in this country, we refuse to provide even basic health care to every one of our citizens.  You must pay for the privilege of maintaining your health, but financial ruin awaits you if you get cancer.  We criticize China for restricting their people’s internet freedoms.  Yet there are no less three bills before our legislature to do just that. 

We applaud and encourage people to stand up to the dictators and tyrants who live in excess while they starve.  Yet when our very citizens cry out against the level of influence the 1% have over how this country is run, they are told to disperse or are arrested.  Our congress members spend more time fundraising than legislating while Super Political Action Committees funded by billionaires decide who gets to run.  Our democracy is pay to play.

We’ve surrendered our freedoms.  We’re legislating morality.  We used to pride ourselves as being a melting pot nation, but now we’re just a nation of xenophobes who don’t even like our own citizens. Maybe we don’t like those things about other countries because it hits so close to our own.  We had better start liking those things, because we’re very quickly becoming a Christian Iran. 


About faultcode113

I'm just a normal thirty something guy. Married with a house, tow cars, and one dog. I enjoy my work, but not always my job. I love to travel abroad, specifically the UK. I swear I was the tallest guy in Tokyo when I was there. I prefer reading to movies and tv. I prefer Sci-fi to most everything else. I feel it fits better as an escapist past time. I'm also a student of history. How can one learn from the past if they don't know anything about it? If this all seems rather random, it is. My life has been a series of free associations. I wouldn't have it any other way. If you like what I post, tell a friend. If you don't, tell a friend anyways. They might like it. FC113 View all posts by faultcode113

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