Machine down for maintenance…

Today my greatest accomplishment was getting out of bed. Once firmly planted on the couch, I attempted a post. Not happening today. Instead, I celebrate the need for mental recharging. I’m taking the brain offline and performing some much needed maintenance. Bad movies, mindless internet browsing, and a few beers should do the trick. You might ask “what does you’re wife think”. Well she’s planted upstairs watching lifetime movies. I’ll ask her at dinner (probably take out). In the mean time, I recommend unplugging, disconnecting, and letting go. Even if just for a few hours. Your brain will thank you.


About faultcode113

I'm just a normal thirty something guy. Married with a house, tow cars, and one dog. I enjoy my work, but not always my job. I love to travel abroad, specifically the UK. I swear I was the tallest guy in Tokyo when I was there. I prefer reading to movies and tv. I prefer Sci-fi to most everything else. I feel it fits better as an escapist past time. I'm also a student of history. How can one learn from the past if they don't know anything about it? If this all seems rather random, it is. My life has been a series of free associations. I wouldn't have it any other way. If you like what I post, tell a friend. If you don't, tell a friend anyways. They might like it. FC113 View all posts by faultcode113

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