Glass houses, a peeping tom’s best friend…

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” The resurgent Spanish Inquisition has taken control Cheyenne Wyoming. Citizens are fleeing by the pairs.” White house chief of staff said as he stormed in.
” The weapon was on a train there. If they get a hold of it…” Started the secretary of defense.
” We played right into their hands.” Said the president.
” Mr. President, those buffalo are armed religious fundamentalists, and now they may have access to the most powerful weapon on earth.” Said the Secretary of defense.
” Get me Faultcode113!” Ordered the president.

And now, Faultcode113’s blog…

Back in the world after a brief absence. The taste of buffalo leads me to understand why the Native Americans were so angry about us nearly wiping them out. But I digress, today we’ll be discussing our ever expanding digital presence in the world and why privacy is a relative term. Outrage you say? Scandal? Tool of oppression for the man? Ha!
We use the internet to communicate on a scale that would shock a person mere decades ago. With a few clicks I can post my entire vacation online, check up on everyone I know (and some I don’t), and check a celeb’s twitter. Let’s face it, twitter is passive stalking. I can communicate via email, twitter, IM, or text message to anyone on earth in seconds. Kind of neat, but know that the world is watching.
You who have a picture of yourself wildly drunk in a gay pose with your “best” friend as you profile picture. You who tweeted about how much pot you smoked over your long weekend. You who blogged about how much of an asshole your boss is. You who have built your glass house and complained about government looking in. To all of you who complained about someone finding the electronic skeletons in your closet, I say this. You put them on display. The things we dare not say, we post.
Do you see any pictures on this blog? Are there any names mentioned here? I have taken care to omit those little facts for one reason, privacy. Not mine, but theirs. Does that mean that the details of my life aren’t available to a committed cyber sleuth? Not at all.
Terrorists use the internet. Shocking, but it’s not just for porn anymore. The government, acting in your best interests (their own included), monitors the net for key words that may flag terrorism. When you blog about wanting to blow up (flag) your office. They might find that interesting. Is the FBI going to bust down your door? Probably not.
Does this give them the right to spy? Who’s spying? You sent that blog out to the world. They didn’t hack your computer. You gave them that information. All they had to do was read. Here’s another thing, terrorists use code. The government knows a lot of this code, so they monitor lots of seemingly innocent content for intel.
What about your employer, does he get to spy on you? Again, just reading what you willingly put out there. Calling them assholes online, isn’t any better that doing it in the office. In my day job, they have to trust me with the lives of others. If I write about smoking up on the job (I don’t for the record, boss), then they have every right to fire me. Then again, if you’re an inconsequential employee, the probably don’t care.
Hypocrite you say. Did you not post a blog about someone constantly on your digital trail? I did indeed, and in this case you would be 100% correct. However, nothing said on this blogs has not been said to those who would read it. Still, I hate busybodies, and I have nothing to hide.
At one time our privacy extended as far as our garden walls. Then it went only as far as the drapes over our windows. As technology adds more transparency to our lives, we need to accept responsibility for some of the things it reveals. The internet is a nosy and untrustworthy friend. They will absolutely tell all of your dirty details to anyone who asks. At least they share the other gossip with you.



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