Rebel without a reality…

Not to long ago, as I’m going about my rather routine day at work, I run into a coworker who asks me a gun question. It’s no secret that I own a few weapons. My family is primarily employed by law enforcement and the military. Needless to say we had a few guns around the house when I was but a young lad. Fittingly, I own a few as an adult.
When I inquired as to his reason for wanting both an assault rifle and a hand gun (I’d hate to give sound weapons advise to a lunatic), I was shocked beyond belief by his reason. He feared that it may be necessary when Wyoming (and he) seceded from the Union and the new civil war began. I laughed. He didn’t. I’m worried.
Now, I’m not really concerned that Wyoming will leave our great nation. Buffalo, the states most abundant life form, lack the voting power and opposable thumbs necessary to conduct a proper secession. My real concern is that this person believes that election of our latest president will lead to such an event. He thinks that President Obama is leading down the path of ruin and that the states will end up having to go their own way. Did I mention that he is ultra religious conservative.
My issue with his thinking doesn’t stem from the thoughts themselves, but the reasoning behind them. Mostly it’s a complete lack or acceptance both in responsibility and the necessity for change. The conservatives in power over the last 8 years, and building on the previous administration’s (Liberal I might add) mistakes, have done more to damage our nations credibility on all fronts than our newest president has any hope of doing in one term. He’s only human at the end of the day, and he can’t fix 16 years of mistakes over night.
It come down to ideology. Conservative fear change and liberals fear stagnation. What we don’t need right now is one of our two parties crying over a lost election. They are actually hoping President Obama fails miserably, just so they can regain the presidency and the congress, regardless of consequence. What ever happened to public servants? When did political ideology become more important than banding together and fixing our country?
I can tell you that I didn’t vote for President Obama. I felt like he had great ideas, but no plan to execute them. After the election, and over the last few months, I began to see what I think his plan is: Do what ever it takes and adapt as you go. In times of crisis, a rigid plan with bullet points and milestones may not be flexible enough to get the job done. Triage is the way to go. Patch the holes, stabilize the situation, then fix the underlying issues.
This is a scary concept. How do we know where we’re going if we don’t have a map? Well, we know where we’ve been and that did work out, so a new direction is probably best. How do we know it’ll work? Well we know what didn’t work, and avoiding that can’t hurt.
The republican party has been acting like children while the democrats have been marginalizing them . What we need right now is for everyone to step up, put aside the differences in ideology and help fix the problem. We need talent and ideas from both sides of the spectrum. Now is not the time to pout and throw tantrums, or gloat and parade around victorious. Who knows, if they actually step up and lead, they may actually get a job done while winning over their constituents.
It’s a new century kids. The worlds has changed, and it will absolutely pass us by if we’re too busy squabbling to adapt. I say lets put aside the party politics. Lets fix the country. Lets embrace that change, and see where it takes us.


By the way, I told the coworker that I hoped the country ended up in the toilet just so they could say they were right, and that I knew who I was shooting first when the war started. He laughed. I didn’t.


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2 responses to “Rebel without a reality…

  • externaldrive

    “Sooner or later, the day comes when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done anymore….Our strength and our only hope as a people, is to remain undivided. We haven’t always done all we could to insure that…you’ve trained for this. You’re ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow shipmates and we’ll all get through this. Further updates as we get them.”

    ~~William Adama

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